Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BYE Blagojevich...yes, that means LEAVE

Ok Rob, here's the deal. I am sick of seeing your face.

In a democratic society the concept of voting for our politicians indicates that whoever we vote for is supposed to represent us, to take care of us, to help us help make the world a better place. When you are a politician and you do not do these things and you get fired because you're a fuck-head the best thing to do is to step down quietly and gracefully. The worst thing to do is to make a spectacle of yourself over and over again. It not only makes you, politician, look bad, but it makes all the people who voted for you look like idiots too (no, I was not one of them).

Also there are other more prominent things for people to learn, there are other events, stories, topics that the news could cover instead, but NO, Rob. We have to see your fucking face on the television AGAIN!

And can I just make a generalizing statement about Chicago politicians--is it just me or do they all pretty much look like children born with fetal alcohol syndrome? I mean, not only are we bombarded with these assholes images but these assholes are all really funny looking...and not in the haha way, but in the WOAH man, what happened to your face?--sort of way.

So Rob, why don't you do us all a favor for once and just disappear. We are over it. You suck. You're a spectacle. You are in no way helping your community anymore. So back up off, back down and step off.


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