Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Tea Party or A Boiling Pot of Turd Soup?

The Chicago news today just proved itself again to be a manipulated, fucked up source of knowledge ran entirely by rich privileged (probably all-white and racist) assholes.


Because almost every day (from the spring to fall) that I have lived in Chicago (3 years) there has been some sort of protest downtown but the news never brings it up. Not even when the PETA people were running around in ridiculous fake furs acting like imbeciles.

But today. guess what we get to hear about?

The fucking tea party protest that was downtown. which didn’t really even have that many people at it. Why Did we get to hear about it? Because rich privileged (probably all white and racist) assholes run the tea party movement (and YOUR media sources).

The Taxed Enough Already Party is basically a bunch of libertarians. Which means they believe in neo-liberalism. Which is the practice of privatization and reliance on the free market.

This may sound good in theory but it takes away from publically funded groups, such as groups in healthcare, education and the arts. It also takes away government spending on roads, jails/prisons, and general maintenance of parks, streets, among other things and turns all of that over to private (rich privileged probably all-white racist assholes) people (industries) who, in turn, can do whatever the fuck they want because they privately own the companies (as we have seen in privatized jail systems where inmates get brutally beaten etc).

I do not like that the news mentions this party and this protest without really explaining the depths of what they want. The news makes the TEA Party seem like a vital, important group of people when in fact what they want is going to destroy the working class even more than it already is—if the tea party gets what it wants we are going to end up in an even deeper separation of rich and poor; middle class—don’t count on it.

Because the tea party is so full of rich people (and people who think if they join they will get the benefits and privileges of rich people) I become more and more nervous that we are not revolting in disgust at this organization, that few people are saying anything about what is BAD about what this party wants our society to look like.

As a society we will always look for ways to improve our lives, but taking away government assistance for the people who need it most is a travesty. Is it really that painful to pay a little more money to help one another out? Wouldn’t it be better to live in a world where the MAJORITY of people are happy and healthy and joyful than only a privileged minority?

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