Friday, February 5, 2010

Posting at neighborhood coffee shop...

For the past 5 days our internet has disappeared. This is so depressing. I have to admit I am addicted. I thought I was mostly addicted to facebook and my email, but really, I have discovered I am more addicted to information. I can’t handle not being able to look something up right when I am thinking about it. Even things I normally wouldn’t do if the internet was working, like entering stupid contests they suggest on the tv, I want to do and I complain about not being able to do because somehow our internet which has worked perfectly fine for at least the last four months has suddenly stopped connecting all together. And, I realize that I don’t pay for it so I can’t count on it, but I really do count on it. Especially since I’m not working and I get my homework done quickly and then I have nothing really important to do but surf the web, stream tv, read articles, listen to music etc. that is all on one little device. How unfortunate it’s been trying to come up with other things to do. How pathetic I am that I rely on something so heavily. But, I want it back. I don’t want to have to go spend $5 on coffee just to steal their internet for an hour. I generally don’t use the internet that way either, I usually jump on and off it all day long. Obviously the world is telling me to focus on other things, to see life in new perspectives, to get out of the apartment and discover reality… but it may take more than 5 days of internet free living for that concept to sink in.

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