Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Color is Necessary for Life

Walking down the street in Andersonville last Saturday I was pounced upon by two men looking for interviews, besides them really just assuming I wanted to talk to them and rushing the recording process, I was intrigued by the topic. What did these two men want to bother me about in the dead of winter and what would make me actually stop in the dead of winter and stand in it longer than expected? COLOR.

Wearing a purple coat, green scarf, carrying a rainbow beaded bag, I am sure I stuck out as a perfect candidate for an interview on the subject. The men claimed it was to determine my "color" personality, though when I finished they didn't tell me what my color personality was--I probably don't want to probably means I'm narcissistic and egotistic and overly sentimental or some snap-shit I don't want to admit to. But I do like the idea of thinking about how color affects one's day, one's life.

And I do believe you can tell quite a bit about a person by the colors they choose to align themselves with. I for one, like bold rich colors. Others like pastels, others like beiges and browns and grays. The colors I choose are dynamic. They can stand alone, they can accent or be the center, they don't fuck around. I believe that when people stop thinking about color their lives become boring. I'm not talking about color literally--though that is important too--I'm talking about glitterizing one's life--about making sure there is sparkles and shimmers and radiance every day...that even when it is cement gray outside that there is yellow sunshine happening in the glimmer of one's eyes.

So, in the end, when they asked how color affects my life--the only thing I could think of was that it is completely necessary... and I can't imagine living without it... this isn't a Leave-it-to-Beaver-world, life isn't in black and white, it's full of vibrancy, which makes it beautiful and worth breathing through every day just to see it.

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