Saturday, February 6, 2010

Abnormal Admiration of Self

Yesterday a certain someone said I was narcissistic, I sort of just love the way that word rolls off of my tongue. Narcissistic. It also sort of sounds like a disease of the muscles, but alas, it's just a mental attitude. An obsession really. According to Webster the definition means that you have an abnormal tendency to admire ones own perfections. Okay. I dig it. But then the Merrier definition said that it means: love of or sexual desire for one's own body, umm no, that does not fit me. It's interesting to deconstruct the difference--where perhaps I admire my own perfections, but those perfections aren't necessarily related to my amazing body...What I think he was going for was egotistic, also known as selfish. IDK. Most of the time I'm pretty thoughtful, but I have read several books by Ayn Rand and I do live in this capitalistic individualist society so I how could I not be, just a little... I mean I am no Mother Theresa, my body is not a vessel designed to deliver the message of God or Allah or Lady Gaga. I'm just trying to get by the best way I know how, and if I happen to think my thinking is the best I'm not going to get upset about that, call me whatever you want.

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