Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Patti says the People Have the Power, and I want to believe her

Can I just say that besides Patti Smith being a rock 'n' roll legend, she is also a goddess. Her Hopefest show February 20, at Park West was one of the most genuine concerts I have ever been to in my life. I have never seen an artist so well known that exuded so much sincerity. Perhaps I have been going to the wrong shows, but it is my true belief that honest, change-the-world-passion is a rare gem amongst creators, especially people who have been in the business so long. Most of the older artists I've seen have portrayed a sense of soullessness and the younger artists aren't getting to the depth I need. It is just so great to see someone who has been through a lot of shit, especially all the political history, and still have idealism embedded in her performance. She has made me not want to give up. To power-through even when the world is shit. To just keep using words to make my point, to create at all times because that's the way to survive.

"I awakened to the cry
that the people / have the power
to redeem / the work of fools
upon the meek / the graces shower
it's decreed / the people rule

The people have the power" --Patti Smith

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