Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The 25 (or so) Albums Most Influential on my Young 25-year-old Life

1) Bob Segar—Against the Wind

I have listened to him ever since I grew ears in my mother’s womb.

2) Salt N Pepa—Very Necessary

Grade school rap parties at my grandparent’s house. The album also came in handy later in life when I needed to passively express my annoyance toward old boyfriends—“somebody’s getting on my nerves” and “none of your business” were superb examples of that expression.

3) Fiona Apple—Tidal

6th grade consciousness alternation—I became aware of my sexuality, my built up emotional anger, longing and sadness. I found an album I could channel all of that through.

4) Missy Elliott—So Addictive

Dance parties with Kelsi, either in one of our cars or out in grocery store parking lots during lunch. “One Minute Man” became a brilliantly dedicated song later in my high school career as well. “Work It” has gotten me through many days.

5) Tom Petty—Wildflowers

Or any song by Tom Petty—reminds me of going over to Zac’s, Marisa and the county fair tilt-a-whirl. Tom Petty reminds me of summer days and reservoirs, and of course, the obvious drug infusions.

6) Kittie—Spit

Women-anger. Women-growling. Women-in-bands. This changed my perception on what I was capable of doing musically. I was young and sheltered and unaware of any riot grrrl movement, and well, that movement was fading before I even knew it started so Kittie was my main inspiration.

7) Korn—Follow the Leader

How lame to have listened to Korn as much as I did, but it was where it was at and I cannot pretend it didn’t happen.

8) Marilyn Manson—Anti-Christ Superstar

Made being a freak acceptable and cool.

9) Britney Spears—Oops I did it Again

Theater and kissing boys and breaking hearts and being sexy cool.

10) Slipknot--Slipknot

The best album ever for angst anger and just getting all that built up shit out of your system.

11) Nirvana—Nevermind

Duh. It is impossible to have not been influenced by Kurt Cobain and especially for me, Courtney Love.

12) System of a Down— Toxicity

Drinking with Andrea and Mary and Marisa. Teasing and pleasing and cruising around the countryside. And also, that one guy, with the IMAGOD license plate, OMG.

13) The Doors—Strange Days

People are strange. And that’s okay.

14) Led Zeppelin I-VI

Of course, the albums cannot be separated. I mean they could and they were but they all mesh together into beautiful harmony for me.

15) Weezer— Blue Album

Undergrad. 308 dance parties. Pete. Mario. Jumping. Always Jumping through the whole album. Say it isn’t So.

16) Beulah—Yoko

Opening the mind.

17) My Uncle is a Cannibal – My Uncle is a Cannibal

Jeering commentary at Semolino with Alicia. Trying to get the band to get naked. Falling heavy for the guitarist/lead singer; who hasn’t yet left me, which is still quite a shock.

18) The Beatles—Abbey Road

Yes. I was able to pick one Beatles album, so there. Why Abbey Road? Because it’s the best.

19) Yeah Yeah Yeahs—Fever to Tell

Brings me to tears imagining a life without Karen O.

20) Madonna—The Immaculate Collection

Express yourself. Don’t repress yourself.

21) Sleater-Kinney— The Woods

Don’t push me I am not okay. They were there when I was cubicalized. They got me through rush hour and downtown Chicago bullshit every day for a year.

22) Bikini Kill—The Cd Version of the First Two Records

Seriously. Suck My Left One. My only regret is that I didn’t hear them sooner.

23) Patti Smith—Horses

Complete and total change of consciousness. I don’t know if it was just time or if it was the album, but she moved me along.

24) The Gossip—Standing in the Way of Control

Because they are necessary for change.

25) Lady Gaga—The Fame Monster

To grow on, for a good year, I’m going to “Just Dance.”

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  1. Have no shame in chosing Abbey Road -- it's my favorite Beatles' album, too. :)