Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pervertable Tongues and my Virginity

Tomorrow night the band I am in, Pervertable Tongues, will perform its first show.

We’re losing our virginity and we’re giving it away to anyone who comes to Reggies Music Joint to check us out.

I’m also losing my Chicago performance virginity. Since I moved from Kansas I haven’t been on stage for 2 years. It’s been weird. Like when I go to other people’s shows and I’m stuck getting stepped on by the crowd, I think, we’ll if I were up there, I wouldn’t be getting squashed down here and it makes me want it more.

I still don’t know what to wear. I don’t know the type of image I should be portraying. And I should probably either make it a priority or not care about it all.

Being a rock-star isn’t easy. And I am aware our music collaborates more than rock and I am far from being a star, but I have to have the confident rock-star mentality if I am going to make it anywhere in this capitalist city.

People keep asking me if I’m nervous. So many people have asked me if I am nervous that now I’m fucking nervous. I may even poop my pants because of this. And I know I should just go out there and have a good time, have fun with it, make my feminist post-modern rants and dance around on stage, but then I start over-analyzing. Which is why I’m sure most graduate students don’t perform much. I will have to stop thinking and just be with the music, the vibe, the energy of the room.

Which I hope is room-full and everyone is drunk. Not just so they like the music better, but so we make more money because when it comes to capitalism that’s what we need as musicians to keep playing. Money. And I want to keep playing. And playing. Until I have played in every state (which I can sing in alphabetic order if need be) and many countries. So I can not only see the world and meet amazing people, but so I can give something magical and thought-provoking back to the world and the amazing people that exist here. A beautiful artistic cycle.

Anyhoo. That’s what’s going down tomorrow.

Pervertable Tongues.

Live for the First Time.

Cherry Popping in Chicago.

Reggies Music Joint

2105 S. State Street

9 p.m.

Remember it’s FREE

Also with Lasco Stroud

and Les Juges

Take a listen at www.mypsace.com/pervertabletongues

Buy Album: http://Kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX00ZY9SBP

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