Saturday, August 29, 2009

Reality Could Just be a Dream

The other night Ryan and I basically had the same dream around the same time. This has never happened to me and another person before. The dream was not a pleasant dream in fact some may consider it a nightmare. As I was sleeping I thought that I had woken up; right beside the bed was a white man with a brown beard, in a top hat, wearing a suit, holding a knife, getting ready to stab me. It’s been two days and I can’t get the vision out of my head.

As I woke up from the bad dream and turned toward Ryan so he could “protect me” he produced the stereotypical nightmare scream, the one that’s short and breathy that occurs as your brain is jumping back into reality. My first reaction was to laugh because he sounded like a little girl, but then I was like, shit, he was having a nightmare too. In the morning, he told me about it and curiously enough it was basically the same. The major differences were that he couldn’t make out the figure like I could and he didn’t see a particular weapon but knew the dark body was there to cause harm.

Dream interpretation: someone is trying to kill our creative outlets.

Solution: double tabeo kick them in the head to get them to back off.

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