Thursday, August 20, 2009

Matter in the big K-A-N

What’s the matter with Kansas?

A book I didn’t read. But a question I can answer.

Kansas is the heart of the United States.

It provides nourishment. Wheat. Corn. Soy beans.

It possesses open spaces with the perfect opportunity to open one’s mind.

Yet. Americans treat their heart poorly.

Statistics that show heart disease as the leading cause of death. (Center of Disease Control and Prevention

Why do people treat Kansas like a state that is




What a stab in the aorta.

How can anyone truly deny the beauty of a rolling countryside; bright green grass contrasting the big overly blue sky… single hay bails scattered about adding a glimmer of gold to the landscape. Cows, fur covered brown and black and white chomping on the earth, staring at humans funny when one walks by the other. Fences handmade and strong designed to protect who is inside more than who is out. Wildflowers and berries and whitetail deer and snapping turtles and copperheads and wandering stray cats that eat people’s scraps and gravel roads and lakes and ponds and fossils and humming birds and chirping birds and blue red and yellow birds. Broccoli trees and bright green leaves. Among other things.

And yet people claim there is nothing to see. Nothing to do in the entire sunflower state.

What’s the matter with Kansas?

The same thing that is wrong with most U.S. citizens. They don’t take care of themselves. Artery filled, over televised, brain washed, and bored.

Perhaps if people stepped out of their houses and took a look at what the world had to offer. Sat outside and absorbed some sun some blue blue sky or inhaled the stars late at night they’d see there is no matter with Kansas as much as there is matter in Kansas.




If it stops beating how could you go on?

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