Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dare to Dumpster Dive

Opps. I did it again. I fell in a dumpster and came out with a bunch of badass shit. Here are just a few of the examples. My ugly red floral shirt that I transformed into a cute strapless dress, a new skirt and of course this rockstar jumper dress that I can barely move it, but makes me feel moviestar chic...
so there you have it kids, 3 of many amazing finds. Stay tuned to see more. When I say stay tuned I mean hang out with me some day and I'll probably be wearing one of the other items. It's alleycat fashion and it's FREE. Besides the whole washing and drying expense.

Another day another dumpster. (techinically found in a box of clothing outside a dumpster, but techinicality is not an issue here).

Perhaps some day I'll tell you all my semi-profession dumpster diving secrets, but not until I leave the beauty that is wasteful-captialist Chicago.

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