Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thoughts about Virginity Loss (Stage Virginity that is)

Last night I realized what has been missing since I moved to Chicago. A stage. All week I wasn’t sure if I could get back on there again. I heard somewhere that your body changes about every 7 years, and I though perhaps it had altered already and all my confidence and rock energy had disappeared. But, no. It was just bottled up ready to escape from my inner being and greet the world with entertaining vibes.

It was actually rather comfortable up there and we had a nice crowd of beautifully loud lively people to help cheer us through. The whole band did amazing and I am hoping they all got that shot of stage adrenaline to want to keep going (because I did). I think we may have all forgot what it was like; Ryan and I had been away for 2 years, Michael 7 and Timmy 11, but it really didn’t feel that way at all. We were right where we needed to be.

Thanks everyone for the support.

We’ll let you know as soon as we do when our next adventure will be.

For now feel free to buy our album off iTunes,

Or find me live and I will hook you up with one.

Peace and Elbow Grease. Krystal

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