Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Art of the KAPOW!

Old School Batman just came on the TV. It makes me think how much more I would punch and kick people if magical onomatopoeia words popped into the air every time I did it.

“What? We’re out of ICE??””

BAM!!! right in Ryan’s ribcage.

“Excuse you, this isn’t England.”


Right as I trip that asshole walking in my path.



As I kick Dominic’s down for over-charging me.

My uncle has a batmobile style car. If only he’d let me use it then I’d just need some latex and a few major villains to fight (when I’m not using my super power strength to cartoon chop my boyfriend and strangers on the street).

What happened to these awesome shows? Did we all just get burnt out on them?

They became super lame because the idea was overdone, but then they became classic when we realized what we were watching instead.

I say bring back the SLAMS!!! the ZAPS!!! and the BIFFS!!! It’s better than reality shows. I’d rather escape from “reality” for awhile if I’m watching t.v. anyway. And what better way then by pretending I’m a super hero.

I have the lame jokes and puns ready to spill out. Just give me a chance!


1 comment:

  1. I grew up on the original Batman series. I say bring back more KAPOW!