Monday, January 16, 2012

I Think All I Think Are Random Thoughts These Days.

My mom told me to change my facebook profile pictures because she said I looked ugly in it. Okay. Not really. But she said she didn't like it. It reminded her of someone she no longer likes. Someone I no longer like. So, of course I had to change it. But I've had the same profile pic for like a month and that is a record for me. I usually change it every other day. Facebook profiles are a pretty good indicator of a person's personality. Like a second first impression. An online impression. Which is basically a first impression for your online personality. Some people have distinctly two... a reality personality and an online one. Some people are pretty balanced. I don't know what I am. Balanced is probably not it.

You know what I really don't like but also really like right now? My hair.
I've decided I'm going to grow it out over the winter and then chop it back off into a pixie in the spring. I'm doing this for multiple reasons. The biggest reasons are that I'm poor and I'm lazy. I've been wearing lots of weird cloth scarf things in my hair and not really combing it. This look works well for me. Because I don't give a fuck. And it's so obvious with my appearance.

I wonder what will happen when I get a job interview? Because I will get a job interview. People want me right now. I'm like a cat. Which is weird because I'm allergic to cats. But I think that's why people want me. I have cat-like tendencies to not give you love when you want love. And to rub all over your leg when you don't want me to touch you.

Which is exactly what employers are after....right?


I don't really care either. Like, I want to work. And I work hard. And I work well. But if people are going to be jackasses about hiring me because 10,000 other people are also applying for the job, fine. Whatever. I'll move on with my life. I'll be a cat and take a nap in the sun.

I really need to start blogging about actual things, I think. Maybe not. Whatever. Fuck it. Live it up. Do what you want.

Seriously. Best. Advice. Ever.

Do what you want (and get paid for it).

It can happen. You just have to bbbeeelliieeevvveee.


We'll see if this believing thing really works out.


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