Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Almost Streamlined Stream of Consciousness: Manics, Amish, and Sexy Sex.

For awhile I was worried that I was becoming a manic depressant, but today I realized it's just the Colorado weather that's affecting my mindset. Yesterday, I was walking around in a t-shirt and today it's a freaking blizzard outside. EEwwww I'm so happy and sunny. Booooo I'm so sad and snowy. Manic? I think very much so.
(me and the weather being manic together)

Also our apartment is still cold. The heat is still not working and we've been here technically a month now. One of the coldest months out of the year--you think if "heat was included" they'd try a little harder to "include" it... or maybe they're just trying to be funny.

I wish I was funny. Instead I just make funny looks, which weird people out or offend them--either way.

I wish my face was better at lying. Seriously. It would save me a world of trouble.

Speaking of trouble, I could use some better drugs to combat this cold. I should probably attempt an all-natural route with garlic and ginger and tea and whiskey--maybe some gingerwhiskeytea? But knocking myself out with nyquil seems to be making it slightly tolerable. Morphine though? Codeine? Opium? Opium is from nature right?
I've always wanted to drink opium tea while wearing a floor length dress, long hair in a bun, and just stare out the kitchen window wishing my life wasn't so abysmally boring. You know, like women used to do back in the day.

I feel like the Amish fireplace isn't doing much to heat up the room. I wonder if the Amish laugh at us for actually owning these things, since they themselves can't use electricity. And actually have to create their own fire places with real wood and everything. Romantic. Rugged. Real.

I have to confess. I've always wanted to do an Amish dude. Not one of them with a beard...they're married anyway. But for sure one of them right before they'e married with the whole get-up, hat, side burns, suspenders. Some of them are really cute. What? It's not the weirdest fantasy. Give me a break.
Well, I look like complete shit. No wonder no one from OK Cupid has contacted me recently--they can sense it. They know that I am ill and not in any way looking sexy. Which means I don't want to be sexy with them. Not that I ever have wanted to, but they know it's really not going to happen now.

I wish there were Amish guys on OKC...too bad they can't use electricity. Or can they now? How do they get away with making things work with electricity? It would be kind of nice to live off the land with little to no advanced technology. Unfortunately their ideas of gender equality are as outdated as their technology so.... no thank you. I prefer my pixie cut and my pants (and my internets).

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  1. Aww! *hugs* Hope you feel better soon! Well, I guess the chances of finding an Amish dude for your fantasy, who is also progressive, are fairly slim, but I guess if you hang around undercover in a community for a fairly decent amount of time, you might find a rebel or two - there are always some. :-) Cheers, and feel better!