Saturday, January 7, 2012

9 Random Thoughts: On My Day So Far.

1) It's annoying to see people out running while it's snowing outside, but what's even worse than that is to see couples running together while it's snowing. They're so fit and they're so cute weee, weee, weee, barf.
(seriously, don't these kinds of images make you die a little bit on the inside?)
2) I went to a thrift store today and got the most badass Monica-Lewinsky-blue late 80's style dress. It takes hardcore yoga moves to zip myself into it, but totally worth it.

3) I looked out the window early and there was a leash-less dog taking a mega crap in the neighbors yard. Then it nonchalantly ran off in the other direction. No owner was ever spotted. These are the amazing highlights of Denver living.

4) If I were a Gossip Girl character I think I'd be. . . Vanessa. But I'd never ever ever fuck Dan. So nevermind. I'd be Blair. If I were a Skins character I'd be Frankie---though I haven't seen this entire season yet, so that might not be true. I'd want to be Effie but I'll never be that crazycool.

5) My second date is tonight. I have no idea what to wear; this is not a surprising sentence I am aware of that... how can I be cute, comfortable and slightly sexy all at once? I'll figure it out. No. I will not wear the Monica-Lewinski dress.

6) There is one place in Denver where you can go in and hang out for like 10 minute or 3 hours and no matter what you'll escape smelling like an ashtray. It's weird because there's so many smoke-free places now. I'm not a fan of this. Happy I wasn't a drunk in 1979.

7) I feel like I live in the perfect building to get a stalker. These open windows. These ok cupid daters that know where I live-ish.
8) It's a red wine kind of day. But more than likely I'm just whine all day.

9) I've been thinking about how I'd really like a nickname. But you can't give yourself a nickname. And I never did anything cute enough to get one when I was younger, you know like"Tootie" or "Fartbags"... and I'm not badass enough currently to have someone want to call me something other than Krystal. I did have a woman explain to me that Krystal is a stripper name, so I guess, my real name is already a nickname and I should start taking my clothes off for money.

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