Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Critically Aware That We Need More Critical Awareness.

Are there some people who exist in this world that are just so incredibly stupid that it would be impossible for them to change?

How does it happen?

Are they not encouraged to read as young children?

Are they so in love with their own boring existence that they think they are in fact perfect and everyone else around them is wrong?
I have this conspiracy theory, okay, it's not really a conspiracy, but most people, the "average" citizens of the United States perpetuate "norms" without even taking time to decide whether those norms are actually functional and beneficial to society at large. By doing this they stand-up for values, and really stick behind them, without even using their own brains to decide if they even like them. This is what causes stagnation and lack of positive transformation.

Why aren't the youth taught how to critically analysis situations? Because then adults will lose their "power" over them. Which, if people are not taught how to examine or deconstruct then they'll go on believing FOX news, or the idea that feminists are the EVIL ones, or even that any other race other than their own is inferior (though most will have learned not to say it out loud).

So I'm wondering...can the general public, on a large scale, come to critically examine the space we live in, and with that examination find ways to improve upon it?

What would it take for a jackass misogynist who calls feminists' cunts because he can't handle his own manhood to learn that we're not out to cut off his dick?

We're actually here to help make the world a better place for everyone.

Obviously there is the fear of the unknown, the fear that their comfort zones will be rudely taken away, that they will no longer be given all the great luxuries in life--like the ability to walk down the sidewalk without a concern in the world.

So in the end, does it come down to all of us engaged citizens to just sort of ignore all the trash going on in "average" land and try to make changes on our own?

How do we get those who seem impossible, who seem downright stupid to open their minds?

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