Monday, December 6, 2010

Why Yes I'm Wearing Underwear, Thank You For Your Concern.

So at the bar Saturday night, this drunk guy wearing a holiday snowflakes sweater, was all alone playing a game of pool by himself. Somehow, later, he ended up talking to me and though I thought he was mentally retarded I played nice....Until he asked me, "Are you wearing any underwear?"

And this is where a drinking buddy comes in handy. Because my drinking buddy could have encouraged me to punch him in the face, because I really wanted to. But, no, instead I just tore him a new asshole, which may have hurt more than my punching abilities would have (I have practiced taebo for many years, so the double-time to the forehead could have been a killer, but that's a major "could have been"). But seriously.

This is the problem with breeder bars.

This is why boystown was the only place I drank in Chicago, because gay men don't ask if women are wearing underwear or not.

I seriously don't know how that holiday sweater dude made it out of the bar in one piece.

I'm still just really curious as to why it matters to dudes whether or not a woman has on underwear. I mean, I was wearing jeans so even if I didn't it's not like he could have gotten a "sneak peak" and even if I weren't it's not like I would have shown him anything anyway.

Why do some men think they're privileged enough to have their porn fantasies come to life? It's like those assholes who catcall women on the street, what woman has ever stopped and fucked one of those guys?

What did that dude think was going to happen? That I'd say, "oh big boy, you're so sexy, of course I'm not wearing underwear, hot girls never wear underwear, don't you know that? tee hee tee hee, want to see? Follow me to the bathroom and I'll fuck your stupid-retard brain out, tee hee."


And people think we're "post-feminism." Sorry but the constant objectification of women proves that a post-feminist world is still far far away.

(to clarify, it doesn't make it "equality" to objectify men either, it just makes more bullshit drama.)

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