Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So Close to the Edge...Trying Not to Lose my Head

I now understand better as to why I feel the need to clean right when I begin working on a new project. When my physical surroundings are cluttered, so are my thoughts. Right now, in the middle of this move, my mind is in complete jumbles. My brain is almost entirely un functional right now. My rational side has disappeared. I cry over the slightest misunderstanding or misplacement. The idea of what you own owning you is never more true than during a move. Why do I have all this stuff? What is the point? And why do I need to take it with me?

The physical move of these objects though is nothing to the purgatory place of the in between. The waiting to get from one place to another with all your shit. All I can say is that I am more than ready for all of this to be over. And to begin the start-over yet again. I’d like my mind back, soon, thank you.

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