Monday, July 13, 2009

The beginning of the Vulva Takeover!

I decided that everyone focuses to much on phallic imagery thus it is my goal to find the opposite of that, hence Vulvacentric. It is my mission to discover unknown objects around the world that possess a distinct vaginal or womanly likeness. Today I'm posting the diamond rock plant holder located near Thorndale and Lakeshore in Chicago. The most interesting concept about Vulvacentric is finding the shapes in places one would never imagine to look; which directly relates to the power of a woman--it's there, yet sometimes it's not as obvious as some big giant cock sticking out of the ground may be. This flower holder is one of my favorites because the diamond is almost hidden yet at the same time out in the open. Also it's symbolic in two ways, the diamond on the outside and the very idea of an object growing and giving life through the entire container.

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