Monday, July 13, 2009

The Art of Settling

I wouldn't want my salad dressing to do it or my orange juice so why should I? If I begin to settle I hope someone will shake me so all my parts are evenly distributed again. I know I'm getting older, but I don't find that to be an excuse to be boring. I also don't find it excusable to blame children on the settlement. Why do all those activities in youth like piano lessons or soccer to better yourself for the future if all that’s going to happen is a separation from what you may have loved from who you have become? Having children is not the end of the world; people just want them to seem like miraculous burdens to prevent them from creating or being who they could have been and I find that disgusting.

It seems to be cyclical this settling---why the midlife crisis, why the anti-depressants, the Ambien, the vodka…perhaps it’s because you’re separating from yourself and no one is there to help mix you back up again. You can really only shake yourself.

I don’t want to float to the bottom of a jar and just lay there. I want to always be moving, creating, innovating, loving life. Sometimes it’s more difficult then it should be. Sometimes it’s as smooth as chocolate pudding (which doesn’t ever settle but gets that weird filmy stuff on top, another thing I don’t want to happen to me).

So my Deers, we should all work together to keep each other fresh and delicious because who wants to drink limeade without the lime?

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