Monday, November 14, 2011

Why Don't More Women Get in Bar Fights (with men)?

So tonight I'm going to get in my First Ever Bar Fight!!!!!

This is weird. I am aware that people don't typically "plan" bar fights, but the truth of the matter is, I think my testosterone is out of whack--all I've wanted to do lately is either have sex or punch things...And I haven't been punching many things. So. Yeah. I thought I'd test it out.

Getting off birth control is crazy time. I'm pretty sure my body is just entirely confused. As I am no longer "pregnant" every month. I think it's a really fucked up thing to do to one's body over and over again for almost ten years, it could not have been healthy--though in my defense having a child would have been even more unhealthy--particularly for the child.

But anyway, yeah. I have never punched anyone before. One time though, a girl punched me in the forehead--I only slightly deserved it--the forehead was a terrible choice. I will not punch anyone in the forehead. I'm thinking right side jawbone.

I'm doing this in pure defense of my own honor.

Okay. I probably won't do it at all. I don't have it in me to hurt other people just because they're assholes. Cuz if I got punched every time I acted like an asshole... well. Yeah. I think I'd be pretty freaking deformed by now.

But the idea just sounds so, I don't know, exhilarating. Probably because it's the opposite of who I am... and maybe I need to be my opposite for a bit. Allow my evil side to escape, so it gets out and away from me?

I'll keep you all informed. I may need you to bail me out!

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