Wednesday, November 2, 2011

10 Quickies (Not the Kind You Think).

1) I have been working all day long. This is an accomplishment.
2) I also washed my sheets.
3) And brought back my planner.
4.) I am on top of shit.
5.) I have yet to actually get dressed in clothing that people don't just sleep in. Like I could put on a bra maybe, or some jeans.
6.) But, I got work done. And I'm not stopping yet.
7.) Soon, I'll have finished a blog post, so I can cross that off my list.
8.) Roller Derby tonight. First time. I'll blog about it tomorrow, so you all know what happened. I can tell you ahead of time: I fall down.
9.) I met a cute guy. Or two.
10.) You want more don't you? Well, I'll fill you in later. When I know more. The ridiculous messages have slowed down. I think it helped that I removed certain "wants" from my profile. And I am no longer "fresh" or "new," me being on there a week now.

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