Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update on my: Girl With a Lot of Reading to Do issue.

That Girl With the Dragon Tattoo book must have crack in it. When I'm reading it I can't put it down. When I finally manage to stop to like go to the bathroom or eat something or check my email all I can do it think about finishing it.

Ryan told me it was impossible.

It's not even close to the end of the third day and I'm already at page 447 of the first book. What! Yeah. Right. Uhhuh. I'm doing it. Faster than scheduled. Move maybe tomorrow already. Excited!

P.S. Can I just take a moment to ask--who the F would get a dragon tattoo? No offense if you're my friend and have a dragon tattoo that I am unaware of, but umm, it's a dragon. It's just as bad if not worse than like a Looney Tunes character or something.


  1. I think Lisbeth Salander is so badass that I need to come up with a new adjective just for her. I'd love to know a character like that even if she had a unicorn tattoo! :-)

  2. I'd prefer if she had a unicorn tattoo hahaha