Thursday, July 14, 2011

5 Things I Learned on Vacation.

(me getting closer to the top of the sand dunes)

I've been on vacation and though I've been back for several days I've found it hard to jump back on the blog wagon. Here are 5 things I learned during my trip to southern Colorado.

1) Ruby Red Squirt still exists, yay!

2) The Sand Dunes National Park is bigger than it appears and really hard to climb up after several days prior of hiking.

3) People will go anywhere and do almost anything for a glimpse at something beautiful; for example they're willing to walk a half a mile up a mountain, than through a freezing cold run off full of slippery rocks just to look at a waterfall--and many are willing to climb up the waterfall just to take a picture with it. (Prior experience of falling down a waterfall prevented me from doing that step.)

4) Hiking all the time made me realize how little I actually do here in Boulder, so now I plan to go more--like twice a week--I'm going to get super buff and like fit in here and shit.

5) Vacations really throw everything off, it makes me want a vacation after my vacation.

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  1. Which waterfall did you fall down from? Did you come out of it with any major injuries? Good call on not trying it again! :-)