Saturday, November 28, 2009

100 (or so) words on: Black Friday

“Cannibals for Capitalism”—the true slogan for the events that take place the day after Thanksgiving.

People will seriously eat each other if it means getting a cheaper microwave or Wii or cucumber melon gift set.

Trampled. Mauled. Tired. And for what? Another set of shit under some soon-to-be-dead tree?

What happened to getting passed-out drunk on the holidays? Or is Thanksgiving now just a warm-up event for the over-consumption and over-spending of the "real" celebration: Capitalism? Which we call, Black Friday: Material Overload (prequel to Black Friday: Year of the Coupon Cutters).

We should celebrate each other, we should celebrate beauty, life, laughter; I can even tolerate the celebrating of Jesus as long Jesus doesn’t come gift-wrapped.

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