Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall: (in) love with the Candy Pumpkin.

There seems to be a major split amongst people when it comes to candy corn. Perhaps it’s a simple binary of love or hate. But honestly, I don’t think anyone would really even contemplate it if it weren’t for that comedian a few years ago who possessed a boiling hatred for the colorful vegetable-shaped sugar pieces. I can understand his point of view, in fact sometimes I don’t really like candy corn. But, I cannot begin to deny my love for the candy pumpkin.

WTF. You think. How could you not really like candy corn but have a deep lusting desire for candy pumpkins? And I tell you, it’s all about size.

Candy corns are tiny and sometimes a little too hard. But those orange detailed pumpkins with the little green stems have an extra girth to them that give them a softness and melt-in-your mouth flavor that those little corns can’t offer. They honestly do not taste the same. The texture and the flavor differ just enough to make a major difference. Would I not drunkly eat candy corn at a party? I’m not saying that. But I wouldn’t purposely buy them like I would a whole bag of pumpkins like I did earlier today, only later to be made fun of by my partner. But I didn’t care, I got those delectable goodies all to myself.

Other great Fall Treats:
Carmel Corn
Carmel Apples
Anything with Carmel
Apple Strudel
Apple Cider

Anything with Apples

Popcorn Balls (and there are many flavor options)

Pumpkin Beer

Boo Bites (rice crispies with peanut butter and chocolate shaped in a ball)

Sugar Cookies shaped like ghosts and witches and such

Dirt Dessert

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