Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween How To: Feminist Style!

Are holidays just excuses? Christmas an excuse for capitalist consumption, thanksgiving an excuse for over-stuffed consumption, Halloween an excuse for sluty costume consumption. And, of course, all major and minor holidays, an excuse for alcohol consumption? It’s not hard to understand the societal meanings behind these united-statesized holiday celebrations. Or even argue about the slutaculiar outfits available for women’s purchase, but more over, the question I ponder is how to change it? I believe holidays are important—and not because it gives me a reason to get drunk—I can get drunk for any reason—but because holidays gives a sense of unity, togetherness, community. Why give up on Halloween? Why not have fun with it and dress up as someone that’s helped alter our planet for the better? Below are some suggestions for feminist-inspired Halloween costumes.

Frida Kahlo

What you need:

Unibrow, giant flowers in long black hair, long colorful dress or skirt with flowing blouse, shawl, paint brush.

Hilary Clinton

What you need:

suit jacket with skirt, headband with blonde shoulder-length hair, pearls, flag pin.

Rosie the Riveter

What you need:

Head scarf: red with white polka dots, blue jumpsuit or jean overalls with blue button up shirt—short or long will work, boots.

Salt N Pepa

What you need (3 person costume):

Really tight pants or leggings, boots or platforms, really short shirts with really big over-shirt or over-sized jacket, and hat. All three outfits need to be in contrasting complimentary colors, so if you’re salt—you wear red tights with black shirt, if you’re Pepa, you should be in black tights with red shirt etc.

Mother Theresa

What you need:

White robe with white habit with blue trimming. Could easily make out of a sheet by adding the blue trim (or even marker/paint) to the habit.

Jane Fonda

What you need:

Shiny leotard, thick hose with leg warmers, white tennis shoes, curly big brownish/blonde hair about shoulder-length.

Yoko Ono

What you need:

Big round glasses, long black straight hair, big white hat, white flowy dress or white mini dress depending on your weather/style/opinion.

Cyborg Feminist

What you need:

Dress up like a half woman, half robot—silver shiny clothes and makeup.

Other ideas:

Amelia Earhart

Wonder Woman

Susan B. Anthony

Audre Lorde

Calamity Jane

Kathleen Hanna

Courtney Love

Kurt Cobain

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Billie Holiday

Bonnie Raitt

John Lennon


  1. Great ideas! Always wanted to be Frida for Halloween (or I would take being her and having her talent in real life too!).

  2. I love Bonnie Rait!!!!!!!!!!! This is Jenna, by the way.